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Request Batch: 3 by BlazingAngel123 Request Batch: 3 :iconblazingangel123:BlazingAngel123 40 40 And a Request Done! by BendyFlyer And a Request Done! :iconbendyflyer:BendyFlyer 8 3 ASK THEM (2) _ RELATIONSHIP by RemyCygnus1601 ASK THEM (2) _ RELATIONSHIP :iconremycygnus1601:RemyCygnus1601 15 15 Deviant Artists Tribute Part 2! by SuperGrape1 Deviant Artists Tribute Part 2! :iconsupergrape1:SuperGrape1 11 10 DRTI2 COVER: REMAKE! by MissEligon DRTI2 COVER: REMAKE! :iconmisseligon:MissEligon 26 26 Leo by AJBox Leo :iconajbox:AJBox 11 51 Thank you for 60+ watchers and ask them!!! by RemyCygnus1601 Thank you for 60+ watchers and ask them!!! :iconremycygnus1601:RemyCygnus1601 23 20
IMPORTANT: Request + Art Trade - OPEN
Hiya guys it's CL speaking, here are the good news for you all -
The request + art trade are finally opened for everyone!!!!
Well, don't forget here are the rules:
Bullet; Green Rules Bullet; Green 

Bullet; Yellow The max. request are 3 and art trade are 2 Bullet; Yellow 
Bullet; Red Do not request the sexual content and force me to do so, Bullet; Red 
Bullet; Red I have the right to decline that kind of request. Bullet; Red
Bullet; Green You are welcome to request me any stuffs instead of Poptropica! 
:iconihmps6p07:ihmps6p07 7 113
DRTI: ACT 0, Part 1
I walk down the ruined roads just to get to the store to buy food. A lot has happened since The Tragedy has begun. I have already done my share and helped a poor little boy from being crushed to death by a bunch of rocks. I’m helping to raise this boy now, he deserves to know that things may seem terrible at first, but hope will find it’s way to save us at the very end. I left the house for a bit just to go outside and get some food for the both of us to survive in this barren wasteland. It’s downright horrifying to get to the stores because you have to avoid hypnotized Greek citizens, monsters roaming the streets, and those who won’t think twice when murdering another. It’s also hard because my back in constantly in pain since this Tragedy has begun. But… it’s not a problem at all. Heck, you’re doing your very best to help a poor boy survive in a terrifying time like this. Mother would be proud… my boyfriend would be proud too! Occ
:iconmisseligon:MissEligon 7 3
Bendy by PegaKid2012 Bendy :iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 6 2 THANK YOU FOR 200+ WATCHERS (sketch requests!) by BlazingAngel123 THANK YOU FOR 200+ WATCHERS (sketch requests!) :iconblazingangel123:BlazingAngel123 31 90 Art Request-More more shiiiiips by SmileyFaceOrg Art Request-More more shiiiiips :iconsmileyfaceorg:SmileyFaceOrg 17 4 RQ - Dr Lange x Cuddly Knuckle by ANNE14TCO RQ - Dr Lange x Cuddly Knuckle :iconanne14tco:ANNE14TCO 16 11
Ask me a shipping
Just ask me a shipping and I will either like or dislike it.
Rules: I only know some fandoms on the following list:
1: Creepypasta (Canon x Canon characters only)
2: MLP (Canon x Canon characters only)
3: Poptropica (Canon x Oc and Canon x Canon)
4: Undertale (Canon x Canon characters only)
Ships that I accept:
Male x Male 
Female x Female
Female x Male
So ask away! GIF Gravity Falls - AAAH THE JOURNALS!!!! 
:iconmagiclightning124:MagicLightning124 1 12
OC Couple challenge !!! (by me)
I love to do Oc very much and im very exciting very much!!! This Oc is just for fun, who want to play, just have fun with this!! *Jumping* or you creat two characters that you want to ship !!!!
1. Couple clothes
2. Play poky's game
3. Swap clothes
4. Go to cinema together (horror, romance, action,...)
5. She/he sleep on your shoulder or on the lap (you can act your face, your emotion)
6. Kiss/hug/hold/ carry in the Rain/other place
7. She/He/You react when she/he/you wear bikini or swimsuit.
8. Dance together.
9. Fight with together.
10. Hang out go to the flower garden
You can also ship boy×boy or girl×girl... and you can creat a story about them!!! Hope you enjoy this!!!!
:iconremycygnus1601:RemyCygnus1601 2 6
Question15 by AJBox Question15 :iconajbox:AJBox 10 9




Sorry, but I'm in a huge rush, so all I can say is that I was very busy over the month, so I'm submitting this in the last minute to :iconsydvc: 's Community Celebrities. Rescue mission 

Both Cuddlies belong to me
(c) Sandbox Education Networks
Hey guys and girls, sorry about not doing this 13 questions tag thing. I have several major tests coming up in the upcoming days and I really need to study hard for them, plus I had to communicate with family, and right now I am also going to be busy. I'll try to find time to do the tag. 
Biting Pear of Salamanca GIF Why do I see this biting pear all over deviantART? XD Laugh LOL Pikachu Piff Plz The Annoying Orange laughing Dignity Laugh Rose Quartz Emote 2 :library: Flowey Omega - UNDERTALE - Icon GIF 
Hey guys and girls!
Since Heart Valentine's DayHeart  is coming up, this is a drawing of a shipping I thought of somewhere last year. Love  The reason why I decided to ship it was just because I thought it would sound really cute and I couldn't find anyone to ship Cuddly with. :alone: 
Well, If you don't really like this ship, I'll respect your opinions. ;) 
Hey, look, he's having his hand on Lange's shoulder! Awww... :heart:

I probably need to take some digital art classes, since I kind of messed up on the moon and the night sky behind the buildings. I don't know how to, you know, blend, to make it look real.
My hand was cold and shaky while I was working on the windows of the buildings with the select tool making it hard to control my mouse, hard to make the rectangles the same size. Crying 

I'm gonna submit this to :iconsydvc: 's PHB Community Creations so if you haven't already, go ahead draw something or write a story to submit it in before the month is over! ;) 

Cuddly Knuckle belongs to me
Dr. Lange belongs to Pop via :iconashlelang: <-- Found her commenting on SmileyFaceOrg 's ship drawing I requested. (Thanks Smiley! :D ) If you haven't already, you can go take a look in her gallery, :watch: her, give her a :llama:, comment on her stuff, :fav: her work! She's amazing ;)   

Sandbox Networks (c)

Music Here's some love songsMusic :………
I have been tagged by :iconanne14tco:


1. Post the rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character
3. Tag 8 other characters 
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars 
Personal rule: No tag backs

So this is some stuff about my OC Cuddly Knuckle:

1) Cuddly hates waking up in the morning.
2) He always wants to keep his hat and shades on, since he doesn't want anyone to see his hair style or color of his eyes (gray)
3) He has a huge crush on Dr. Lange, should I ship him with her?
4) He has the ability to robotize and un-robotize himself.
5) He of course likes exploring. 
6) One weakness about him: He doesn't have many weapons.
7) His favorite time of the day is night.
8) Last but not least, Cuddly is a pro at hide-and-seek.

Now for the tagging. If you see your name in this journal but already did this tag, you can ignore this. ^^;

:iconultimateipadexpert: I want to know all about Yellow Sword
:iconthekeystone: I want to know all about Messy Sinker
:iconcraftypoptropican: I want to know all about Slippery Crown.
:icondeejay-rosietta: I want to know all about Short Heart. 
:iconyumi-chan-chu: I want to know all about Silly Pelican.
:iconpegakid2012: I want to know all about Muddy Kid.
:iconmasterpinpey: I want to know all about Jumpy Feather and your other OC's.
:icontechnobunny16: I want to know all about uhh... Cuddly Owl.


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Wilbur D.
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Hey guys and girls!

Requests Open Stamp by SydVC
Art Trades: OPEN Button by ButtonsMaker
Toy Bonnie Roleplays Open Stamp by Ink-cartoon

:iconblazingangel123: Progress: Rough Sketch

:iconpegakid2012: Progress: Rough Sketch

Please do not thank me for the llama, watch, or fave. I can watch you, give you a llama, or put your artwork in my favorites just because it's a nice thing to do and your art is so awesome. Seriously, if you thank me here in the comments or in the notes, I WILL HIDE YOUR COMMENT/DELETE YOUR NOTE IMMEDIATELY.


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